• In Your Shirts / Good Day
    • In Your Shirts / Good Day
    • In Your Shirts / Good Day

    In your shirts

    providing gentle support to the body during times of stress

    Because the product is for everyday use, we have focused on " materials " and “technical specifications ”.
    The light-weight Lyocell blend is gentle on the body and provides an exquisite fit. This line attracts sophisticated women with its simple yet delicate design and its cut that reveals a beautiful décolleté.

    Bed room

    bring back a peaceful space and support your sleep to start the new day

    Sleep is an indispensable time to reset ourselves. We sought to create a “ smooth ” material to relieve chafing of the skin that occurs while the body is asleep.
    The Lyocell blend reduces skin irritation and stretches lightly around the back and the waist to help relieve tiredness.

    Living room

    make the most of quality time with family and loved ones

    “ Easy to wear ”, using casual materials of mixed cotton. While its unembellished, simple form retains a natural air, it offers a glimpse of a womans effortless beauty.

    • Active / Recovery
    • Active / Recovery
    • Active / Recovery


    push your boundaries and come back to life little by little

    We focused on caring for body with a gentle touch from tiredness after physical exertion.
    A loose fit with soft woven-pile lining gently hugs the body to minimize loss of moisture from sweating.

    • One Mile / Relax
    • One Mile / Relax

    One mile

    blend in naturally when out and about

    We also considered comfort when just stepping out.
    Our line is made with high-quality slub textile that offers a drop shoulder silhouette in slim fit. Casual and relaxed while remaining stylish.