2019.09.19 Journal, Life

Journal: Broaden our horizons No.4

“Wabi-Sabi < 侘・寂 > from VEIN”

Flowers arranged by VEIN Kaori Yamaguchi with the theme of a Japanese aesthetic, Wabi-Sabi < 侘・寂 >, in the regardless space.

The story filmed in the room of the apartment has a unique atmosphere that combines Japanese and a hint of Western-style.
Her fascinating world is posted in order from Japanese to Western-style.

To be familiar with any places means that anyone can get it.
I want to find my special

日本の美意識とされる侘・寂をテーマに、和洋折衷と空間を問わず VEIN 山口香織によって活けられた花々。


Photography/ Natsumi Ito (
Flower / VEIN(
Model / NIA